Is Parkway Racist ?

Jay Bowen, Staff Writer

There has been a lot of debates and events recently in our school involving the word Racism. Is Parkway racist ? In my words I honestly don’t believe my school is racist. We have a lot of safe places in our school. Social media isn’t one for everybody. People can be cruel and very dramatic online.

People don’t always mean the things they say, somethings are jokes, or just simple mistakes. Everyone can view one thing, and still see multiple different things just like some can say one thing and mean another? And everyone take it as if someone is racist when maybe it was joke? We laugh and joke about everything else, so why wouldn’t it be a joke?

Not to make excuses for any of the past situations because wrong is still wrong. Yet not one person can define a school. We have one of the most diverse schools in the county.

All of my teachers that I have met or had the opportunity to be taught by in the school were open to every race, sexually, and personality. I don’t know if they are all genuine or if some are just doing it for their job. Either way it going our school shouldn’t and can’t be called racist. People make mistakes and should always be made accountable, but Central didn’t make the mistake, students did. So how can they take responsibility?

The district did apologize for the wrongdoing and mistakes although they had no control over it, yet we still blamed them. Every social media platform targeting us as if this is a everyday thing. Within all my years in Parkway nothing remotely racist has ever been targeted to me so I can’t speak for everybody, but still I strongly believe my school is a great place to live, learn , and grow.
This situation was a learning opportunity because in the real world there will be tons of people in our lives who won’t like us for being different no matter what and we can just tell on them then. So ignoring the ignorance is something everyone should do. Not saying don’t stick up for yourself but don’t give the people what that want if it mentally drains you.