Students Share Summer Work Stories


Photo courtesy of Halle Tucker

Junior Halle Tucker poses with the net at the day camp she worked at over the summer. The net is awarded to one counselor each day who stood out.

Abby Prywitch, Managing Editor

Junior Campbell Marino made a transition from Subway to the fairway.

“ I am not going to continue working during the school year because of my golf schedule. Once golf is over I would like to start working there again,” Marino said. During summer break, like Marino, a lot of students worked.

She worked at Subway and had many responsibilities there, as she did all of the different jobs. From making sandwiches to cleaning at the end of the night, Marino did it all. 

“My favorite part of my job is how laid back it is and although I have to do a lot it’s not hard to do,” Marino said.

Senior Corbett Harris spent part of her summer teaching kids how to swim through the Parkway swim club.

“I spent time at the PCH pool for three rounds of summer camp for Green Trails kids to come and learn to swim and have fun in the water,” Harris said. During her time teaching she taught the campers stroke technique, dives, and other basic skills. Harris will start working with swimmers again soon, but this time only on Saturday mornings.

“This class is different because it involves coaching race skills for swimming and higher level kids who enroll in the Parkway Swim Club team,” Harris said.

Every job comes along with fun memories and stories. For Harris, a memorable experience was a conversation she had with one of the girls she taught.

“One day I worked with a little girl who spent the whole 30 minutes talking about if unicorns and mermaids are real. I actually really enjoyed this conversation,” Harris said. Like Harris, junior Ellie Mueller has a lot of stories from her experiences at Waterway.

“A minivan came in for our most popular wash and left their kid strapped in the booster seat. He looked terrified the whole time,” Mueller said. Her favorite part about working at Waterway is working with kids her age and the overall environment.

Junior Halle Tucker worked as a camp counselor this summer, at Camp Emeth. Camp Emeth is a day camp, where Tucker worked with fifth and sixth graders. Her favorite part of the job was getting to know all of the campers and becoming friends with them.

“It’s like a family when you’re there and it makes everyone feel special,” Tucker said.