Ultimate Frisbee

James Sherstoff and Brandon Smith

In the year of 2014, a new era began. An idea was born, an idea to start a new club at Parkway Central. This club would be one where a variety of students could come together and be apart of a team. With this idea, Ultimate Frisbee was born.

Ultimate Frisbee has never been seen as anything more than a PE game to many but to some it is more than just a sport. It began in 2014 and since then has grown beyond the halls of Parkway Central. 

Senior MJ Fritz has been a part of the Ultimate Frisbee club since 2015,. 

“I started playing for the school in seventh grade, my dad was the coach so I could start playing early.” said Fritz.

Since the beginning, PCH Ultimate has created a name for themselves in the Ultimate community. In 2015, the team made it into the state tournament and in 2017 they made it to the state semis. In 2018, the team decided to combine with multiple Parkway and non-Parkway schools to create Parkway United, to further expand their reach to a variety of students from not just Parkway Central but other schools. The upcoming 2020 season is gonna be different and one to watch for Fritz says. 

“This season will be different, I’m gonna get to play with a lot more of my friends. In the past it’s been all older kids and this year we’ll have a really good team and hopefully make a run at state.” said Fritz.

As the 2020 season approaches, Fritz and many new faces look to make a new name for the Parkway United team and hope to capture a state title against the defending ten time state champions, De Smet.