Bachelor Listen to Your Heart (episode 2)

Brooke Kraizer and Gabby Abowitz

The second episode brought suspense, drama, and tears. The episode started off with Trevor getting the date card and asking Jamie of course, and they had no idea the drama they’d encounter with Natascha entering the house and blabbing her mouth to the rest of the men and women and making very harsh accusations about Trevor before even meeting. Natascha is surprisingly much older than most of the rest of the men and women, being 33. Yet, she seems to be the most childish person so far by starting all this drama instead of going straight to Trevor himself. 

Julia is stuck between two men. Sheridan, one of the men took her on a dream date and he felt a connection… but she didn’t. Julia has her eyes on someone else back at the house, Brandon. Brandon is in another relationship with Savannah but also cannot seem to get over Julia. That night was the rose ceremony where Brandon gave his rose to Savannah leaving Julia unclear of where she fits in. Sheridan saves Julia and after they walk out Brandon confronts Julia and tells her he wants more time to figure things out. This threw a wrench into the whole house because everyone is waiting for the drama to unfold. 

Brandon is a hot commodity, Mel is also interested in him but out of the three girls she easily was the last he was thinking about. She could not quite express how she felt and that affected her relationship with him, he could not catch her vibe which led to her being sent home.

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