Good Vibes on the Court

Volleyball plays off its strengths, makes impact


Christine Stricker

Varsity celebrates after point playing against Scckmen at Parkway Central High School

Alanna Stovall , Staff Reporter

Rachel Ladd (11) is the captain of the girls volleyball team. Ladd has been playing volleyball since she was 11 years old. She played club volleyball for High Performance STL for 7 years and now I just play for Parkway Central. When she is not playing she works out a couple times a week. Even though sometimes it was hard to get myself to go do something it helped prepare me. I also did stuff that Coach Schaefer wanted us to do. 

“I think some people who are making an impact on the season are Mercedes, Brooke, Tate, Josie, and myself. Each of us put in so much work into this sport and I think all of the work has truly been paying off. There are many others that have helped for sure but those are just some that have stood out to me recently.”

Mychael Green (11) plays JV of girls volleyball . She has been volleyball since freshman year.

“I like that it’s very fun on the team and I like that they are always laughing it’s always good vibes on team” Green (11) said.

During her off season in the summer time she was recovering from an injury during track season so she couldn’t do a lot of moving.

“My coach motivates me by telling me life stories which makes me go harder” Green (11) said.

Coach Schaeffer is the coach for the girls varsity volleyball team. When he was in high school they  did not have volleyball for boys, He began playing sand and in leagues in college, then he played on an adult USAV club team for over 25 years, they went to nationals about 10 times and he is still playing in leagues now.

“What I like most about the team is I think they are close and support each other very well.  They have all been excited to be back to playing in a more normal environment than they got last year.”

“Mercedes Browder is our biggest offensive weapon, she is a 4 year varsity starter and one of our captains.  Rachel Ladd is a junior and a 3 year varsity starter who is running our offense as our only setter.  Kayelyn Tate plays much bigger than her size and is a big offensive and blocking presence for us up in the front row.  Josie Robinson is our libero this year, which means she is our defensive specialist who wears the other color uniform.” Coach Schaeffer said.