Musical Intrigue

Freshman Charlotte Elsensohn plays the ukulele


Carli Alper

Charlotte Elsensohn (9) plays her ukulele at PCH.

Carli Alper, Reporter

Guitar, violin, piano: these are all common instruments you might expect someone to answer with when you ask them what instrument they play, but Charlotte Elsensohn (9) would answer, “I play the ukulele.”

Elsensohn has been playing the ukulele for over two years, and she’s gotten quite good. Elsensohn also plays the flute, so she has experience with reading notes since before she got into playing the ukulele. When Elsensohn performs, she takes pride in her music.

Elsensohn first found her interest for the ukulele in Adam Rogers’ 7th grade music media class. She wasn’t even looking for a new hobby, but it was something she learned about in class. At the end of 7th grade, COVID-19 forced Elsensohn to attend her music and media class online, which meant no ukulele. Elsensohn went to a family friend who happened to have a ukulele, and she got herself a ukulele for free, saving at least $50.

Even though Elsensohn is no longer in Mr. Roger’s music and media class, she will still bring her ukulele to school from time to time. One of Elsensohn’s teachers knew about her fondness of the ukulele, and reccommended that she look at pictures in the commons of ukuleles. When Elsensohn looked, she laughed and said “that’s a guitar.”

“Ukulele was something that I found I was like, I actually really liked this,” Elsensohn said.

Elsensohn has continued to learn more and more about the ukulele. Charlotte Elsensohn is a musician, and even though she has many talents and interests, no one is going to hear about a group of ukulele musicians, and that is what makes Elsensohn playing the ukulele so unique. Elsensohn says she plays when inspiration strikes and she tells herself: “I need to play right now.”