Two Is Better Than One

Freshman Alex Moresi doubles up on fall sports


Sheryl Theel

Alex Moresi (9) runs in a varsity cross country race for Parkway Central.

Sasha Smith, Reporter

Most athletes pick one fall sport and one spring sport they are able to manage easily during the school year. Yet when wanting to do two sports within the same season, it can be a little difficult. Freshman Alex Moresi (9) does both varsity cross country and JV Soccer. Both of these are fall sports and can be difficult to juggle at the same time. 

“I’d definitely say I have to make a lot of sacrifices,” Moresi said. “But, I think my coaches helped me a lot to do better, and my family also supports me so no matter what I pick, it’s always a good decision.”

With as time consuming as both these sports are, it’s not surprising that there are many sacrifices to be made. 

“Some of the sacrifices I have to make are like time with friends or like time by myself to do things that I like,” said Moresi.

One big concern about doing two sports is wanting to drop one because you’d rather devote more of your time to the other. This is exactly what’s happening in Moresi’s case. 

“I would choose cross country, just because I can see myself going farther in that than I can in soccer,” Moresi said. “I really liked both, and I wanted to try both of them, so I just decided to do both of them. I’ve already decided I’m going to drop soccer next year though.”

Another struggle would be goals being affected because of the other sport. This was no challenge for Moresi, though. 

“It was good; I was meeting my goals,” Moresi said. “At the end of the season, I got sick and I didn’t run as fast as I wanted to, but for the most part I met my goals.”

While there are some negatives to doing two sports, there are many positives. Improvements in one sport and carry over to another.

“I would say soccer definitely helps me to be stronger and quicker in cross country,” said Moresi.

Though it can be a battle at first, it’s definitely possible to manage and balance out two sports in the same season.