Spring Tweets


Corral Staff

With showers, flowering trees, and bright sunny mornings, it’s clear that St. Louis has allowed Spring to move in. This monumental  change in weather definitely calls for a new seasonal sweet and a time of celebration. Enjoy creating this recipe for a weekend luncheon, neighbors and family, or simply for yourself. It satisfies the sweet tooth while putting the consumer in a cheerful and sunny state of mind.

Chick Cupcakes


– white cupcake mix (with ingredients needed to make the cupcakes)

– classic white frosting

– yellow and orange food coloring

– about 50 chocolate chips

– container of yellow sprinkles


Bake the cupcakes as instructed on the box. Let cool. Frost the cupcakes using all of the icing EXCEPT some to make small wings and noses later on. Try to save about two tablespoons. IMG_0492

Flip the cupcake into the container of sprinkles and rotate to cover all of the edges.



Use the chocolate chips to make two eyes.


With the remaining two tablespoons of icing, dye a small amount orange for the nose. Use the rest of the icing to  pipe on two small wings.IMG_0505