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In-Person vs. Virtual Learning

Students from around the St. Louis area share their opinions on the 2020-21 school year.
Allison Loudenback September 11, 2020
Some schools made the decision to adopt an all-virtual system, some have chosen to implement a hybrid of in-person and online classes, while others decided to return in-person full-time. Regardless of which learning system their school chose, the majority of students approached the new year with mixed emotions.
A screenshot taken on the STLCharms instagram account. Photo taken by Gabby Abowitz

Student Entrepreneurs

These students found a way to end their boredom
Gabby Abowitz, Photo Editor and Art Director September 11, 2020

Everyone has to admit, being in isolation during quarantine was not fun or exciting. Students tried coming up with different activities to keep themselves busy. These students decided COVID was the perfect...

New teachers join amidst virtual learning

New teachers join amidst virtual learning

PCH welcomes several new teachers to the Colt family
Melanie Gubernik , Staff Reporter September 11, 2020

The middle of a pandemic is the perfect time to start a new teaching job. Not so much. The virus is making it difficult for teachers to see students face to face, but the new teachers this year are making...

Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden arrives at Grace Lutheran Church in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020.

Keeping up with politics and social matters

Jacob Blake shooting, corona virus relief bill, and Trump is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Alex Maisenhelder, Online Manager September 11, 2020

Politics is usually a topic that incurs groaning and contempt, but no matter what way you lean or support, in the current climate of the United States it is vital to stay up to date on politics and other...

Waldy Upchurch is learning at home through virtual classes.

How online school affects special education students

Virtual learning at Central High accommodates all students
Emma Li, Reporter September 11, 2020

Waldy Upchurch just graduated with the class of 2020, and is staying with Parkway Central High for vocational classes. He takes the same four classes each day at home through Zoom, and his favorite class...

Parkway staff preparing meal boxes for the week. Photo provided by: Marlene Pfeifferis

Parkway Provides Meals to Students

Brooke Kraizer, News Editor/ Features Editor September 11, 2020

Sometimes students rely on school for their meals. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the first nine weeks of the 2020-2021 school year is virtual until further notices. Therefore, Parkway came up with a...

Taylor Stern's car in the flood. The police recommended she take these pictures for insurance.

Flash Flood Leaves Teens Terrified

Two 2020 graduates get caught in the high waters on Conway Road
Abby Prywitch, Editor-in-Chief September 10, 2020

Most people in a life or death situation would not have an instinct to pick up their phone and start recording. However, for Cat Ke, PCH alumna and TikTok influencer, this was not the case. Ke was caught...

College Map

College Map

Where the Class of 2020 is Headed
Sydney Stahlschmidt, Copy Editor May 18, 2020

Trey's Top Tracks: April 2020

Trey’s Top Tracks: April 2020

Trey Williams, Op/Ed Editor May 14, 2020

Aries - Gorillaz feat. Peter Hook & Georgia Gorillaz are back at it again with another single titled "Aries". This is my favorite single they have released for the "Song Machine" project. This...

Graphic by Abby Prywitch.

Graduation Date Moved Due to Coronavirus Concerns

Abby Prywitch, Managing Editor May 7, 2020

High school graduation is a moment every student looks forward to for their whole education career. Due to COVID-19, graduation for the class of 2020 will not happen on its original date. It has been pushed...

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