District Marketing Program Makes Progress; Trails Goal

Noah Weidner

December 12, 2016

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January marks the start of the third year of a five-year deal between Kelly Sports Properties and the district to provide partnerships, media guides, and other products and discounts for the four high schools’ athletic progra...

Wrestlers Starve Themselves to Fit in Weight Classes

Libby Archer

December 12, 2016

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Counting calories, daily workouts, and constant concern about their weight, size and BMI is a constant struggle for some high school wrestlers. Wrestlers often go to extremes in order to keep off the weight, so they can stay...

Athletes to watch

Athletes to watch

December 7, 2016

Fantasy Teams Gain Popularity Among Students

Piper Rother

December 16, 2015

Filed under Sports

Most students have some sort of hobby that they do to get their mind off of things: reading, playing music, playing games, etc. But some sport-loving students at school have found online fantasy sports as way to kill time and...

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